Anya Cafe


Inspired by the quintessential British café of the 1960’s, Anya Café is a stylised reimagination of a bygone era. Steeped in beautiful timbers and golden light, this café exudes a romantic glamour allowing for lingering cakes and coffee throughout the day.

The space has the perfect balance of whimsical fun associated with Anya Hindmarch and post war industrial aesthetic. To ensure a sense of authentic luxury typical materials of the period, including mosaic, Formica, melamine and metal edging, have all been incorporated while sumptuous leather upholstered banquettes provide the perfect vantage spot to while away5 the hours.

CLIENT: Anya Hindmarch

ADDRESS: 9 Pont St, London


SIZE: 750 sqft

TIMELINE: 8 months

Literally brilliant! Fun, talented, commercial and 'on it’