Bob Bob Ricard City


Set in the landmark Leadenhall Building Bob Bob Ricard City is inspired by key elements of the original Soho site while creating a completely new vision. Inspired by 21st century design and future aviation travel, the combined effect of very best in craftsmanship and materials is akin to stepping on board a mega yacht.

Twelve-and-a-half kilometres of mirror-polish steel trim, weighing over five-and-a-half tons, accent the Japanese book-binding-paper-clad wall panels throughout the restaurant. All are held in place by a total of forty-eight thousand hand-polished ‘snake eye’ bolts. The now famous and instantly recognizable ‘Press for Champagne’ button is back, creating a space where ultra-camp meets ultra-luxury.

Client:Leonid Shutov

Address:122 Leadenhall St, London


Size:11,000 sqft

Timeline: 36 months