Café Wolseley


Café Wolseley has been carefully designed to resonate with the original iconic site in London. Drawing original historical design elements from the building, The European-Grand style café restaurant echoes the shapes and materials synonymous to The Wolseley’s original 1920s interior.

Bespoke banquette seating, upholstered in black leather, solid wood, lacquered tables, geometric stone flooring and gold detail all exude twenties design and its European and eastern influence. Red cracked gesso contrast to the monochromatic palette, while the creation of salon, restaurant conservatory creates a space that flows throughout the day.


Address:Bicester Village, 145 Pringle Drive


Size:6000 sqft

Timeline:12 months

I couldn’t contemplate or imagine conceiving a restaurant without BradyWilliams. Shayne Brady’s contribution to the success of Corbin & King has been fundamental for the last ten years