Inspired by 1930’s Vienna's dining rooms



This provocative interior is inspired by 1930’s Vienna exuding an understated elegance akin to all of the restaurants within the Corbin and King estate. Fischer’s is an informal, neighbourhood café and konditorei.

The design consists of a sumptuous mix of finishes and eclectic artwork, with an elegant combination of custom-made ochre tiles and bespoke wall covering to enhance the overall notion of timeless age. Rich timber veneer panelling in high gloss throughout with beautiful inlaid marquetry adds a sophisticated warmth -the overall aesthetic is that of a beautiful lovingly preserved and embellished over the last 100 years. Every detail has been considered in this evocative space. Clever lighting creates a space that glows with the golden glow of a bygone era.

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Client:Corbin & King

Address:50 Marylebone High Street, London


Size:2800 sqft

Timeline:12 months

Classic dining booths and large banquette seating areas
Main dining area vintage clock feature and artwork

I couldn't contemplate or imagine a restaurant without BradyWilliams. Shayne Brady's contribution to the success of Corbin & King has been fundamental for the last ten years.