grey goose bread van martini bar

Grey Goose


The idea for a boulangerie van pays homage to the ingredient that Grey Goose is crafted from – soft winter Picardie wheat, which is also used to make bread. The vehicle, which seats two guests has been designed as the world’s smallest martini bar painstakingly restored and reinventing the Citroën van to create a fully functioning luxury bar.

The exterior reveals the brand’s intrinsic story through a window showcasing bread made from the same superior wheat used to create Grey Goose vodka. A peephole on the reverse enables the curious to get a tantalising glimpse of the beautiful martini bar inside. Sumptuous leathers and intricate details reinforce the brand identity.

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Client: Grey Goose

Address: n/a

Covers: 2

Size: 54 sqft

Timeline: 3 months

Rear doors with sumptuous stools and bar