Inspired by the 17th century pleasure gardens on the original hotel site – a place for socialising and dancing amongst the trees. Rockwell is reimagined for the 21st century with a sense of fantasy and playful fun.  Bespoke fabric illustrating exotic fauna and travelling menageries, creates a contemporary approach to an indoor garden while the lounge fringed by large Longifolia Cabana trees blurs the lines between reality and the imagined.

The entire bar is an arousal of the senses, aided by the introduction of scent, steeping the bar in the aroma of woodlands and rain. Indulgent fabrics and sumptuous materials allow the bar to transform from day to night with subtle lighting creating an immersive destination.

Client:London & Regional and Hilton Hotels as Operator

Address:St James, London


Size:3900 sqft

Timeline: 8 months